[ovs-discuss] questions about open flow setup

陈文龙 qzchenwl at gmail.com
Tue Aug 10 09:25:07 UTC 2010

How to set the bridge's controller?
I tried
#ovs-vsctl set bridge xenbr0 controller=
ovs-vsctl: "" is not a valid UUID

VM1 running NOX has ip
Host running OVS, has xenbr0 with ip
vif1 for VM1 is added to xenbr0.

*Ben Pfaff* blp at nicira.com
*Mon Jul 12 13:58:08 EDT 2010*

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It looks like you only have a single physical machine.  In that case,
the OVS setup is simple.  Create a bridge, e.g. br0.  Add a VIF for each
VM, including the NOX controller VM, to that bridge.  If you want the

VMs to have access to a physical network, then add e.g. eth0 to the
bridge also.  (If Dom0 has an IP address on eth0 then you'll need to
move it to br0 instead.)  *Set the bridge's controller to point to the

NOX VM's IP address.*
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