[ovs-discuss] openflow version incompatible with nox?

陈文龙 qzchenwl at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 01:59:15 UTC 2010

OVS runs in Dom0. NOX runs in DomU.

00001|openflow|WARN:stream: version negotiation failed: we support versions
0x97 to 0x97 inclusive but peer supports no later than version 0x01
00002|nox|WARN:Error sending features request: Protocol error

OVS support OF version 0x97 but NOX do not?

Here is how I set up:
Dom0 runs OVS, create bridge xenbr0.
DomU runs NOX, listen on port 2525.
Dom0 ping DomU ok.
DomU ping Dom0 ok.
Dom0: ovs-vsctl set-controller xenbr0 tcp:[DomU's IP]:2525
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