[ovs-discuss] OpenvSwitch - create virtual port on switch - virtual interface on Debian - help

Admin HRD.pl admin at hrd.pl
Thu Aug 19 16:59:17 UTC 2010

Hi all

I use Openvswitch 1.0.1

How to create virtual interfeces for Debian on vSwitch?

This is my concept:

On debian I have two interfaces eth0 and eth1

I have eth1 add to vSwitch and create many virtual interfaces for Debian
like this:

           real Switch
|    OpenvSwitch    |
|                   |

Psyhical interfaces:
eth0 -
eth1 - is connected to vSwitch and real switch

List of virtual interfaces:
vi1 - IP:
vi2 - IP:
vi3 - IP:
vi4 - IP:
vin - IP: 192.168.0.n

This is posible to create this concept using openvswitch?

I don't want to create alias for eth1 like eth1:0, eth1:1, eth1:2..... on

How do this??

Plis help


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