[ovs-discuss] OpenvSwitch - create virtual port on switch - virtual interface on Debian - help

Jesse Gross jesse at nicira.com
Fri Aug 20 21:23:32 UTC 2010

2010/8/20 Admin HRD.pl <admin at hrd.pl>:
> Ok Ben,
> That's why as I disable eth0 (disconnct cable in VMware) then eth1 and br0
> not response?

As was pointed out earlier, your routing table indicates that the
packet should be sent out eth0.  Disconnecting a cable does not change

> eth0 and eth1 is connect to this same vSwitch in VMware
> If eth0 down, response should Go out from eth1 - but not go?
> Whay?

I think you are looking for some kind of bonding.  In general, this
type of configuration is asking for trouble.  Having multiple
interfaces on the same subnet without using bonding is bound to
confuse something.

> If I create open vswitch name is br0 and connect iface eth1 and vif (firtual
> interfaces) trafic should go out with eth1

Only if the OS sends traffic to the interface created to Open vSwitch.

These questions are not really specific to Open vSwitch.  I would
recommend doing some reading on general networking and Linux
networking in particular before trying more complicated setups.

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