[ovs-discuss] pvid-like functionnality

Madko madko77 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 09:41:45 UTC 2010


We are using openvswitch vith kvm virtual machines. Everything is
working fine, but we need to simulate pvid on the switch.
We set the port trunks to be part of vlan 0, making untagged frames
acepted. But we need those untagged frames to be marked as part of a
vlan at the output of the switch. Is it possible to make the switch
add an default vlan id to those untagged frames?
We need that because our VMs use PXE to start their installation, then
run Anaconda RedHat/fedora installer. PXE and Anaconda doesn't know
about VLAN and can't deal with them. Any suggestion?

Thank you

Edouard Bourguignon

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