[ovs-discuss] ovs-dpctl dump-flows vs. ovs-ofctl dump-flows

Richard Mortier mort at cantab.net
Wed Aug 25 08:27:40 UTC 2010


this may be a FAQ in which case i apologise (i have done some googling
but couldn't find an answer).  here goes:

what's the difference between "ovs-ofctl dump-flows dp0" and
"ovs-dpctl dump-flows dp0"?

...where dp0 is a datapath with a single interface, eth0, added to it.

they appear to give quite different, and mutually inconsistent, output
here.  the man pages suggest that ovs-ofctl will print entries in a
"switch's tables", whereas ovs-dpctl will print entries in a
"datapath's flow table", but i thought i'd found a thread on this list
that implied they were the same thing (or given that one is plural and
one singular, at least they were related)?

underlying this is the question: which should i be paying attention to
when trying to figure out why packets that i think should be getting
through, aren't?  (no doubt because i've put the wrong flow entries in

in case it matters, i'm installing the flow entries via a python
script running in the openflow-1.0 branch of nox, and am using master
branch of openvswitch, on vanilla ubuntu 9.

Richard Mortier
mort at cantab.net

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