[ovs-discuss] How vswitchd connects to open flow controller

frank frank at cloud.com
Fri Dec 10 05:36:55 UTC 2010

  Hi experts:
     I don't see parameter to specify IP/Port of openflow controller for 
vswitchd connect in, How vswitchd find controller? auto discovery?

     ovs-vswitchd ofproto/list


Dec 09 21:32:22|00001|reconnect|INFO|ofproto/list: connecting...
Dec 09 21:32:22|00002|reconnect|WARN|ofproto/list: connection attempt 
failed (Address family not supported by protocol)
Dec 09 21:32:22|00003|reconnect|INFO|ofproto/list: waiting 1 seconds 
before reconnect

     where it tries to connect to?

     from openflow spec 1.0, I found:

 >>Future versions of the protocol specification will describe a dynamic 
 >>discovery protocol in which the IP address and port for communicating 
 >>the controller is determined at runtime.

      does it mean current openflow switch could only connect to 
specified address? if so, what's vswitchd way?

Frank Zhang
Cloud.com INC

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