[ovs-discuss] How to diagnose ponctual slowlyness?

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Wed Dec 15 17:38:58 UTC 2010

On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 03:56:41PM +0100, Madko wrote:
> We are using OpenVswitch to connect virtual machines running on KVM
> hypervisors (Fedora 13, openvswitch 1.0.1).
> Each hypervisor has its ovs-vswitchd daemon to connect differents VMs
> on this host. VMs are using VirtIO as network driver.
> Communications between VMs on differents hypervisors pass thru an
> openvswitchd daemon on what we call a "communication server".
> Communication between VMs and the real word pass thru this
> "communication server" too. vswitchd on hypervisors are connected to
> the vswitchd on the "communication server" via GRE tunnels.
> Each ovs-vswitchd has it ovsdb configuration deamon running on this
> "communication server".

It sounds like the ovsdb-server daemons are running somewhere other than
on the same host as the ovs-vswitchd daemons.  I would not do that,
because it is not the intended configuration.  (I don't have any
specific reason to believe that this is your problem.)

We haven't tested with the VirtIO network driver as far as I know.
Again I don't have any specific reason to believe that this is the

You might be best off trying to figure out where the bottleneck occurs,
since your system has multiple pieces.

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