[ovs-discuss] Two GRE tunnels with same src/dst

Frank frank at cloud.com
Thu Dec 30 23:00:59 UTC 2010

Hi guys:
     I just try to create two GRE tunnels between two hosts, the result 
is I can't do this.
     vswitch complains "could not create iface test: File exists" when 
creating second tunnel.
     I did set different GRE keys for tunnels.

     I google and get some articles said it's possible to create 
multiple GRE tunnels with same src/dst.
     I am curious what technical barrier prevents our doing since GRE 
key is an natural tag to distinguish different tunnels.

     BTW: when the interface created failed, ovs-vsctl also returns a 
uuid as if it succeeds. This is very puzzle, the real result in log is:
Dec 30 14:40:06|04201|bridge|INFO|created port test on bridge test
Dec 30 14:40:06|04202|bridge|WARN|could not create iface test: File exists
Dec 30 14:40:06|04203|bridge|WARN|bridge test: port test has no 
interfaces, dropping
     cloud we have more graceful way to report such failure?

     thank you.

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