[ovs-discuss] Configure datapath_id

Arthur van Kleef arthur.vankleef at os3.nl
Wed Jun 16 21:22:56 UTC 2010

Op 16-6-2010 22:32, Ben Pfaff schreef:
> Oops, I gave you bad advice.  The documentation is not very clear in
> this area.  I'll try to check in improvements.
> The "datapath_id" column reports the datapath_id actually in use.  If
> you set it, ovs-vswitchd will set it right back, as you saw.
> To set a fixed datapath ID, instead set other-config:datapath-id, like
> so:
>         ovs-vsctl set Bridge br0 other-config:datapath-id=0123456789abcdef
> I actually tested it this time, and it works for me.

Perfect! Thanks a lot.

One small note:
# ./ovs-vsctl list Bridge
_uuid               : 61e1cf27-3015-4a66-9861-b46365d30d0d
controller          : [4923c57b-9895-4afd-b66f-e3d1e67b82d9]
datapath_id         : "123456789abcdef"

This one doesn't work
# ./ovs-vsctl set Bridge br0 other-config:datapath_id=0123456789abcdef

This one does
# ./ovs-vsctl set Bridge br0 other-config:datapath-id=0123456789abcdef

In the 'list Bridge' output an underscore is used in 'datapath_id',
while with the set commando you need to use it with a hyphen, 'datapath-id'.


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