[ovs-discuss] Fail getting started with openvswitch

Jean Baptiste FAVRE openvswitch at jbfavre.org
Sat Jun 5 00:18:56 UTC 2010

Ok so I just have to define my bond0 and bond1 interface in
/etc/network/interfaces ?
Then, I have to setup an IP address to bond0 and bond1 so that I can
reach my server.
But finally, won't I have issues when Open vSwitch creates my bridge and
add my bond interface in ?

Before Open vSwitch install, I used to have IP address setted up on my
bridges, not bond interfaces and I just wonder if network will still work.

By the way, the best it to try it and see what happen :-)

Thanks for answering my first questions,

On 05/06/2010 02:06, Ben Pfaff wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 05, 2010 at 01:59:46AM +0200, Jean Baptiste FAVRE wrote:
>> In terms of configuration, shall I keep br-wan and br-lan defined into
>> /etc/network/interfaces or have I to move it to Open vSwitch ?
> The Debian networking scripts don't know anything about Open vSwitch
> (yet), so having them mentioned in /etc/network/interfaces won't have
> any benefits and, as you can see, does have some downsides.
>> It also seems I'll have to check Xen network scripts to make sure they
>> do not call brctl (I've read about brcompat, but can not find it in
>> debian 1.0.1 packages).
> ovs-brcompatd should be built along with the Debian packages.  You
> should be able to find it in the build directory, probably
> _debian/vswitchd/ovs-brcompatd.  It's true that we don't install it into
> the Debian packages.  That's because it was originally designed only to
> make OVS compatible with XenServer 5.5.  If you try it and find it to be
> helpful on Debian, let us know, and we can start including it in the
> Debian packages as well.
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