[ovs-discuss] GRE tunneling / star topology

DarkBls darkbls at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 29 14:54:44 UTC 2010


I'm planning to make something like the architecure described in the joined PDF.

I have 4 VM each one on their own physical server. A fith server is used to have a central OvS with 2 bridges.

VM1 and VM2 are on the same set
VM3 and VM4 are on the same set.

A VLAN used on a set must not be visible on another set. For exemple the VLAN 100 on VM1 is not the same VLAN 100 on VM3.

Can I make something like that ?
Can I add a port on several bridge for exemple eth5 on the central server (to give WAN access to everyone) ?

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