[ovs-discuss] dump-flow doesn't show default flow

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Tue Mar 30 16:22:38 UTC 2010

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 09:12:32AM -0400, devang.vyas at aol.in wrote:
> I am using version 0.99.1 of open vswitch on my Xen Server
> 5.5. ovs-ofctl dump-flow command doesn't show default flow. And also
> other flows doesn't match with traffic.

Are you using a controller?  If you are not, then you should see one
flow, e.g.:

    [root at localhost ~]# ovs-ofctl dump-flows xenbr0
    Mar 30 09:18:55|00001|ofctl|INFO|connecting to unix:/var/run/openvswitch/xenbr0.mgmt
    stats_reply (xid=0x73515d7e): flags=none type=1(flow)
      cookie=0, duration_sec=68016s, duration_nsec=905000000ns, table_id=1, priority=0, n_packets=414970, n_bytes=46119909, actions=NORMAL

You will not see any other flows, because this flow handles all traffic.

If you are using a controller, then there are no default flows.

> This problem occurred after install/uninstall rpm repeateadly few
> times. 

You characterize this as a problem.  Does that mean that something is
not working correctly?

> Is there any clean up procedure required before installing new rpm?


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