[ovs-discuss] Question about open vswitch

Justin Pettit jpettit at nicira.com
Wed May 19 09:20:18 UTC 2010

On May 18, 2010, at 6:29 AM, 신용진 wrote:

> vconfig add eth2 100

VLANs should be configured through Open vSwitch.  The ovs-vsctl command can be used to configure VLANs. There are a couple of different ways to configure them, so take a look at the man page to see the options:


Let us know if the options aren't clear or you want some advice about which way makes more sense for your environment.

> May 18 18:14:48|00037|netdev_linux|WARN|eth2: removing policing failed: Invalid argument
> May 18 18:14:48|00038|netdev_linux|WARN|xenbr2.100: removing policing failed: Invalid argument
> May 18 18:14:48|00039|netdev_linux|WARN|eth2.100: removing policing failed: Invalid argument
> I found that messages in ../lib/netdev-linux.c however, I could not fix those messages.

This is likely because you don't have a program or kernel module that we're trying to use to make sure that traffic policing is not enabled on your interface.  The messages are harmless, but we will add cleaning them up to our to-do list.

> I cannot do any networking through xenbr2 or xenbr2.100
> How does it works? Is there any examples which has successful setup with openvswitch?
> I searched on google, however, I could not found it.

The steps you mentioned earlier all sound reasonable.  Try doing the VLAN configuration with ovs-vsctl and see if that gets you any further.


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