[ovs-discuss] How to set trunk on open vswitch?

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Wed May 26 02:38:01 UTC 2010



I installed open vswitch on my servers(SV1, SV2).

And I made bridges, and datapath each with vlan tagging.


If SV1 has xenbr2.100 bridge, in dp1. And SV2 also has xenbr2.100 bridge in dp1.


Then, two servers(SV1, SV2) can communicate through xenbr2.100.


for this, as I know, I should set “trunk” to communicate each other,


When I searched manuals of open vswitch, I only can find about trunk in ovs-vsctl as 


“The ovs−vsctl program supports the model of a bridge implemented by Open vSwitch, in which a single bridge supports ports on multiple VLANs. In this model, each port on a bridge is either a trunk port that potentially passes packets tagged with 802.1Q headers that designate VLANs or it is assigned a single implicit VLAN that is never tagged with an 802.1Q header”


How can I set trunk through open vswitch?


Thanks in advance.



-       Steve.

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