[ovs-discuss] How to set trunk on open vswitch?

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Wed May 26 16:55:05 UTC 2010

On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 01:22:15AM +0900, �ſ��� wrote:
> After I posted original thread, I could find the "Port" table has
> information about "trunk"
> And the manual(http://openvswitch.org/ovs-vswitchd.conf.db.5.pdf) said,
> A bridge port must be configured for VLANs in one of two mutually exclusive
> ways:
> 1) A¡®¡®trunk port¡¯¡¯ has an empty value for tag and a possibly non-empty
> trunks value.
> 2) An ¡®¡®implicitly tagged VLAN port¡¯¡¯ or ¡®¡®access port¡¯¡¯ has an
> nonempty value for tag and
> an empty trunks value.
> If trunks and tag are both nonempty, the configuration is ill-formed
> so, I firstly tried in the way of "1", (set trunks value as 100), servers
> and VMs cannot communicate each other,
> and when I set trunks value as 0,100 then they communicate each other.
> (maybe because of "0")

I would just leave both values empty, to trunk all VLANs.  This is
normally the desired behavior.

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