[ovs-discuss] How to make multiple VLANs on one NIC?

신용진 akayong at gmail.com
Mon May 31 10:41:27 UTC 2010

I think, I solved this problem partially.

But I faced to another problems.

As I checked, 

The problem was, physical switch, I guess.

I have two servers, and it is connected to one physical switch (eth2)
And both are connected with cross cable(eth3)
(please check attached file)

When I checked the flows with "ovs-dpctl dump-flows dp0" (eth2, xenbr2, xenbr2.100, xenbr2.200) 
and "ovs-dpctl dump-flows dp1" (eth3 xenbr3, xenbr3.100, xenbr3.200)

When I pinging from Server1 to Server2,

vlan tagged packet are going out from Server1, it was encapsulated with set_vlan(100)
when server 2 receive that packet, it strips vlan tagging.

After that server2 replies it to server1, 
It encapsulated the packet with set_vlan(100).

Do I have to set trunks or vlans in physical switch?

Does outgoing packet from server have tagging information(tag field in header)
Then, I have to set something on physical switch.

Does openvswitch support VTP? 

Is there any method on openvswitch to support VLAN without setting physical switch?

And this is another question.

We can check the flows, with "ovs-dpctl dump-flows"

However, I am not clear about the terms used in dump-flows.

For example,

tunnel00000000:in_port0002:vlan65535:pcp0 mac00:1a:a0:38:0d:05->ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff type0806 proto1 tos0 ip192.168.10.1-> port0->0, packets:2, bytes:120, used:3.176s, actions:0
tunnel00000000:in_port0002:vlan65535:pcp0 mac00:19:30:98:e2:8c->01:00:0c:cc:cc:cd type05ff proto0 tos0 ip0.0.0.0-> port0->0, packets:2821, bytes:180544, used:0.578s, actions:0
tunnel00000000:in_port0002:vlan65535:pcp0 mac00:19:30:98:e2:8c->01:80:c2:00:00:00 type05ff proto0 tos0 ip0.0.0.0-> port0->0, packets:2821, bytes:169260, used:0.578s, actions:drop
tunnel00000000:in_port0002:vlan100:pcp7 mac00:19:30:98:e2:8c->01:00:0c:cc:cc:cd type0032 proto0 tos0 ip0.0.0.0-> port0->0, packets:2819, bytes:191692, used:1.830s, actions:0,strip_vlan,1

there are many terms, such as pcp, type, proto, tos, actions.
What do each values of those terms mean?
Is there any reference, that I can check the meaning of numeric values?

Thanks in advance.

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On Sat, May 29, 2010 at 03:59:15AM +0900, 신용진 wrote:
> I already tried
> ovs-vsctl add-br xenbr2
> ovs-vsctl add-port xenbr2 eth2
> ovs-vsctl add-br xenbr2.100 xenbr2 100
> ovs-vsctl add-br xenbr2.200 xenbr2 200

That looks correct.

> but it is impossible to network to other bridge(with same tag).

What do you mean?
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