[ovs-discuss] Set up OpenFlow using OpenvSwitch

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Mon Nov 8 07:07:43 UTC 2010


In the doc: 'The ovs-vsctl "set-controller" command can also be used in conjunction with ovs-vswitchd to set the controller for one or more bridges.  We recommend using OpenFlow in this manner and in this case you should not run ovs-openflowd.'

Is that means there are two ways to get openflow set up? One is using ovs-openflowd configured by ovs-dpctl, the other is ovs-vswitchd configured by ovs-vsctl?

If so what is the differences between them? Ovs-vswitchd retrieves its configuration from database at startup but ovs-openflowd seems not?

The document "Using Open vSwitch as a Simple OpenFlow Switch" is based on the ovs-openflowd, is it exactly the same with ovs-vswitchd?

And it will be nice if you could give some detailed examples about how to test and verify if the configuration of openflow works.


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