[ovs-discuss] How to make Open vSwitch a router

Derek Cormier derek.cormier at lab.ntt.co.jp
Wed Nov 10 02:43:43 UTC 2010


I was wondering how I can make Open vSwitch function as a router with my 
current configuration. I'll explain what I have set up:

              Open vSwitch (vm)
|       _(.1.100)_    _(.2.100)_       |
|____|     br0    |__|    br1     |____|
             /      \              |
         vm1   vm2       vm3
        (.1.1)  (.1.2)      (.2.1)

Open vSwitch is running inside of a virtual machine. I am using 
VirtualBox for my machines (Ubuntu) and NOX for a controller (with 
pyswitch). The Switch VM has three ports connecting to three host 
virtual machines vm1, vm2, and vm3. I labelled the IP addresses I 
assigned the bridges as well as the VM's (only showing the subnet and 
host IDs). I can ping from one host to another on the same subnet as 
well as to its bridge. I can from the switch vm to any host. I can also 
ping a bridge from a host on a different subset (for example, vm1 to br2).

However, I cannot ping from two hosts on different subnets (ex. vm1 to 
vm3). I want the switch VM to function as a router and forward packets 
to other networks. Please give me some advice to set me in the right 
direction, or tell me if my idea is way off on how to do this.


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