[ovs-discuss] Automatic sFlow configuration

Neil McKee neil.mckee at inmon.com
Wed Sep 1 18:01:33 UTC 2010

Open vSwitch supports sFlow,  but sFlow also runs on servers and on most vendors' hardware switches.  These various feeds come together at the sFlow collector,  so configuration must be coordinated network-wide.

The latest open-source implementation of the Host sFlow agent (http://host-sflow.sourceforge.net) can now propagate it's sFlow configuration to the local Open VSwitch.   If the central configuration changes,  or a bridge is added or removed,  then the Open VSwitch sFlow configuration is sync'd automatically, using ovs-vsctl(1).

In turn,  this Host sFlow agent can learn it's configuration from a central config file,  or automatically via DNS-SD:

Pairing Host sFlow with Open vSwitch provides a scalable, tightly-integrated solution for monitoring both network and system resources in a cloud data-center:


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