[ovs-discuss] [Open vSwitch 1.1.0-pre1] ovs-vsctl hangs with ovs-vsctl set-controller <bridge> tcp:<ip>

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Wed Sep 8 16:25:40 UTC 2010

On Wed, Sep 08, 2010 at 11:41:23AM +0530, Vishal Swarankar wrote:
> The asser issue is not coming, but if I use ovs-controller with --with-flows
> option, ovs-controller quits within few seconds with these logs.

What is "the asser issue"?

> Sep 08 11:29:54|00001|vlog|INFO|opened log file
> /usr/local/var/log/openvswitch/ovs-controller.log
> Sep 08 11:29:54|00002|controller|ERR|controller.log: connect: Address family
> not supported by protocol

It looks like you forgot the = in --log-file=<file>, so ovs-controller
thinks that "controller.log" is a switch name.

> Sep 08 11:30:01|00003|poll_loop|DBG|[POLLIN] on fd 6:
> Sep 08 11:30:01|00004|rconn|DBG|tcp: entering ACTIVE
> Sep 08 11:30:01|00005|vconn|DBG|tcp: sent (Success):
> hello (xid=0x658dc):
> Sep 08 11:30:01|00006|vconn|DBG|tcp: received: hello
> (xid=0xeeef1):
> Sep 08 11:30:01|00007|vconn|DBG|tcp: negotiated OpenFlow
> version 0x01 (we support versions 0x01 to 0x01 inclusive, peer no later than
> version 0x01)
> Sep 08 11:30:01|00008|vconn|DBG|tcp: sent (Success):
> features_request (xid=0xb3597):
> Sep 08 11:30:01|00009|vconn|DBG|tcp: sent (Success):
> set_config (xid=0xcd44e): miss_send_len=128
> Although I dont see any error message but ovs-controller simply quits. Is
> --with-flows option not supported yet ?

--with-flows should work, but it is also a very new option.  Perhaps it
is buggy.  If you leave it off the command line, does ovs-controller
continue to run?  Another possibility is that ovs-controller does not
understand the format of the file with the flows--does it print an error
message on stderr and quit?

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