[ovs-discuss] Problem in Netflow configuration

Jero Asensio jero.asensio at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 00:04:45 UTC 2010

This is my first mail in this list, first CONGRATULATIONS at  Open
VSwitch team and his community, this is a great piece of software very
important in Open Source future, thanks very much.

Well, I have a configuration problem in Netflow, I am trying to
configure netflow but I have some questions:

I use this command to create Netflow in VSwitch:

"ovs-vsctl create Netflow targets="  ( is my
OSSIM server)

but I can't put the port, in documentation of VSwitch database I can read:

"targets: set of 1 or more strings.   NetFlow targets in the form
ip:port. The ip must be specified numerically, not as a DNS name."

but if I put ip:port  it´s a syntax error ("ovs-vsctl: unexpected ":" parsing set of 1 or more strings")
and I only can put IP but not port.

The next step it´s put netflow in VSwitch, I use this:

"ovs-vsctl add bridge eth0 netflow  ae9f586e-d211-4ca4-a403-65a09525b8bd"

And finally, I think I neeed to configure an IP address in VSwitch for
netflow, It´s that true?? If this is necesary, how? I need create a

Thanks, I read documentation but it´s not much info about this.

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