[ovs-discuss] Bonding problems with redundant physical switching

Christian Fischer christian.fischer at easterngraphics.com
Fri Sep 10 19:23:30 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I try to get nic bonds working with OpenvSwitch-0.99.2 (XCP-0.5.0).
Due to missing xcp administration documentation I've started with the 
XenServer-5.6 administration guide.

There is stated that SLB bonding is an active/active mode.

If I create bonds with OpenvSwitch then they are active/passive.

I've redundant physical switching for the bond networks, but without spanning 
tree support (HP 1810G), therefore no inter switch links. If on one side NIC0 
active and on the other side NIC1 active then connectivity is broken. 
Normally i would think that it should be possible to create a trunk between 
two nodes running identical trunk mode without any switching, in this case 
there's also no ISL.

What is best practice for nic bonding with redundant switching and is that 
described bond behavior normal for OpenvSwitch SLB mode?


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