[ovs-discuss] QoS config in Xen Server 5.6.0

楊皓中(Mulder Yang) muldery at hitrontech.com
Mon Sep 13 01:16:53 UTC 2010

Dear all:

I am using ovs 1.1.0pre1 on Xen server 5.6.0.

There are VM1 (vif1.0) in the host server.

Xenbr0 has vif1.0 and eth0(My computer is here with cross-over RJ cable) connected.


Then I entry the commands bellow.


ovs-vsctl set interface vif1.0 ingress_policing_rate 10000

ovs-vsctl set interface vif1.0 ingress_policing_burst 1000



iperf –s (PC).

iperf –c my pc’s ip  (VM1)

After 10 seconds , VM1 screen shows 80Mbit/sec


I thought the speed should near 10Mbit/sec , did I do anything wrong?

Or there are something else I should know?


Thanks for your kindly help.



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2010/9/9 楊皓中(Mulder Yang) <muldery at hitrontech.com>

	Dear all:

	Why I follow the cookbook in OVS website to config my QoS on Xen Server is not work?

	I can entry the QoS command and I saw the QoS config in ovs Interface DB , but it is not work.

	Is there anything I should check or verify again?

	Thanks for your kindly help.


You need to be much more specific in order for anyone to be able to help you.  The usual questions apply: what did you do?, what did you expect to happen?, and what actually happened?

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