[ovs-discuss] using Open vSwitch in VirtualBox for security training

Robin Wood robin at digininja.org
Fri Sep 17 16:34:02 UTC 2010

I know that Open vSwitch can be used with VirtualBox but was wondering
if it would be able to help in this specific situation.

I'm a security researcher and I want to do some work on sniffing
traffic in VLANs and playing with VLAN hopping. Is it possible to
setup Open vSwitch in a way that I could do all this in a VirtualBox
environment? The kind of things I'm thinking of are:

* start a bunch of machines on different VLANs then place a sniffer at
different points and see what it can see
* put my on a specific VLAN then see if I can get on to others, i.e.
getting on the voice VLAN and hopping to a data one

So, can this be done, if so, is it easy or hard? Or am I heading for
the physical lab and a bunch of machines and having to buy a new


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