[ovs-discuss] New to Open vSwitch, want to try it with Xen

Jason Long jlong at jasonlong.com
Sun Apr 3 08:16:43 UTC 2011

Hi Joseph,

This is extremely helpful, thank you. I need VLAN support so I'll start
digging into the scripts. If you want to share any of your changes I am
sure that would save me some time!


On 4/1/11 3:16 PM, Joseph Glanville wrote:
> Hi Jason
> I recently integrated Open vSwitch with Xen.
> There are 2 possible routes, the choice boils down to what level of
> customisation you need.
> The first is to load the bridge compatiblity module as part of OVS and
> the Xen scripts will work out of the box.
> Ideal for testing and simple deployments.
> This can be easily done by following the instructions in INSTALL.bridge
> Secondly you can modify the /etc/xen/scripts* to use ovs-vsctl to
> setup the bridge ports and apply flow rules on port creation with
> ovs-ofctl etc.
> I recommend this path if you require the use of VLANs, any kind of
> flow control etc.
> The specific scripts you need to modify are
> /etc/xen/scripts/vif-bridge and if you don't make it obselete by
> pushing the ip link set <vif> up back into vif-bridge then you need to
> edit the setup_bridge_port function in
> /etc/xen/scripts/xen-networking-common.
> I hope that sheds some light on what is required, don't hesitate to
> ping back if you require more help.
> Kind regards,
> Joseph.
> On 2 April 2011 08:27, Jason Long <jlong at jasonlong.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to try out open vswitch with xen. I followed the instructions in
>> INSTALL.Linux. Everything went good. The module is loaded, ovsdb-server
>> is running, ovs-switchd is running, and I setup a bridge named br0 to
>> include physical port eth1.
>> Now what is the best way to make xen use open vswitch?? It runs network
>> scripts when xend starts that invoke brctl to setup a bridge and create
>> virtual interfaces.
>> Do I have to edit the scripts to use ovs-vsctl? Or can I bypass the xen
>> scripts and map interfaces manually?
>> Any pointers or links would be helpful. Thanks!
>> Jason

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