[ovs-discuss] newbie discovering ovs

Justin Pettit jpettit at nicira.com
Wed Jan 19 09:06:34 UTC 2011

On Jan 19, 2011, at 12:51 AM, Xavier COUDIN wrote:

> There is one thing I cannot understand for the moment. Probably I still need to be more familiar with the ovs concept.
> I can bind the virtualswitch ( = bridge) to eth0.
> But I would like to bind also the virtual-machines (that I created inside VirtualBox) to the bridge (or to a fake-bridge).
> So I am expecting a way to create "pseudo" eth interface(s)  in the host-machine, that could appear in the VM-management-console, and that I could bind to the VMs (and also to the bridge).

This is outside the scope of OVS; it's dependent on your hypervisor to create those virtual interfaces.  For example, XenServer will create VIFs in the hypervisor (e.g., vif1.0, vif2.0), which are then attached to the bridge (e.g., xenbr0).  I'm not familiar enough with VirtualBox to know what they expose.  Can you get VirtualBox to work using the standard Linux bridge?  A "brctl show" will show you which interfaces are connected to which bridges.  You should then be able to replicate that with appropriate "ovs-vsctl" commands.


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