[ovs-discuss] Questions about some performance issues / bandwitch limitation inside openvswitch

Jesse Gross jesse at nicira.com
Fri Jan 21 19:31:42 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 2:30 AM, Benoit ML <ben42ml at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently working on OpenVswitch.
> Yours goals are to use it like a big virtual switchs for hundreds of VM.
> Fonctionnally it's perferk, works great. Nice peace of works ! :)
> But I've got some performance issue, and I have some questions about that ;)
> Well I use RHEL6/KVM and openvswitch 1.0.3.
> There is a central server with openVswitch and many openVswitch connected to
> it with GRE tunnel.
> I've run many tests and the results are quite interesting :
> 1/In standalone mode (ie VMs on the same hypervisor) :
> ========================================================================================
> Globally I have a throught put of 80% of the main network cards :
> - with a 10Gbit card, I've got 8Gbit  max bandwitch
> - with a 1Gbit card, I've got 800Mbit max nadwitch
> I've run many tests (kernel optimisation, less or more VMs ,etc...) and the
> results is pretty identical : ~80% of main network card.
> Well, that's not bad at all, but is there a hard limitation in the code of
> openvswitch ? an auto-probe of max bandwith ?

No, there's no probing of bandwidth.

What does the performance look like in your setup without Open
vSwitch?  Open vSwitch can easily switch 10Gbps of traffic on modern
hardware.  However, other components of the system (such as the
hypervisor) can add significant overhead.

> In the documentation I've found about qos/max_rate :
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Maximum rate shared by all queued traffic, in bit/s. Optional. If not
> specified, for physi-
> cal interfaces, the default is the link rate. For other interfaces or if the
> link rate cannot be
> determined, the default is currently 100 Mbp
> -------------------------------------------------------------------

If you have no enabled QoS then this should not affect anything.

> OpenVswitch seems to use something call "ETHTOOL_GSET" when a port/interface
> is addeed.
> From my investigation, it seems that this fonction interrogate the link
> speed of the device.
> Is there a king of relation ?
> But it's strange, because when i interrogate with ethtool a tap interface
> I've got :  "Speed: 10Mb/s".
> I don't know how to change this parameter because ethtool can't do that
> :"Operation not supported"
> In pratice the VM throughput can go up than 10Mb so I'm suposed taht
> openvswitch doesn't care.

None of this has an effect on performance.

> 2/With GRE/CAPWAP tunnel : VMs accroos many hypervisors
> ========================================================================================
> In this configuration VM throughput does'nt exceed about 100/120 Mbit/s.
> If I've run lots of VM, I can saturate the link (10Gbit), but I must run
> lot's of VM.
> I've done some tests with capwap tunnel, and the results are pretty the
> same.
> Is there a bandwitch limitation inside openvswitch when using a GRE/CAPWAP
> Tunnel ?

Tunneling performance is also capable of significantly higher
performance than this.  Perhaps you have fragmentation or other issues
on your network.

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