[ovs-discuss] How to create a vlan between a host and a guest (vm)?

Nikos Bregiannis nikos.bre at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 11:07:29 UTC 2011

I think that this would work only for one Vlan.
What if I have more than one Vlan. My testbed Setup is the following:

eth0  \        |
                 br0 -----------DEST
eth1  /        |

It's a ring topology where i want:
 -VLAN1 : eth0-VM1
 -VLAN2 : eth1-VM2

Basically i want to send packets from eth0 or eth1 to Destination
(DEST) through the VLANs (Is that possible ?)
I have created 6 vif (two for  every virtual machine). Pinging through
virtual machines works fine with tags. Now that I have two physical
interfaces what ip should i assign to br0 and to etho, eth1 ?

Thanks in advance

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