[ovs-discuss] Controllability of OpenFlow Controllers

Wei-Chih Chen wcchen.tw at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 02:34:17 UTC 2011

Dear all,

I am using XCP (Xen Cloud Platform), which includes *Open vSwitch*.
I would like to create virtual bridges of Open vSwitch and attach them to
VMs on XCP.
However, from the XCP community, they suggest to use OpenFlow controllers to
control Open vSwitch instead of using ovs- commands directly because *ovs-
commands may confuse XAPI*.

I just tried *Beacon* and found that there is *openflowj*, which seems
official Java library for OpenFlow.
It seems that Beacon provides a web UI (and perhaps also provides some
useful functions) calling openflowj as backend.

For automatical configuration, my system needs a set of APIs to control Open
vSwitch through OpenFlow.
Does openflowj provide all functions that can fully configure Open vSwitch?
(That is, *can I fully control Open vSwitch by just using openflowj?*)

Moreover, I take a look at *Maestro*, another Java-based OpenFlow
It seems to implement its own codes for communicating with OpenFlow
switches, not openflowj.
If this is true, which is recommended, *openflowj or Maestro*? (For
production enterprise network. Friendly GUI is not necessary)


p.s. Similar question has been also posted in
openflow-support at lists.stanford.edu.

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