[ovs-discuss] Queue configuration

Syed Akbar Mehdi akbar.mehdi at seecs.nust.edu.pk
Fri Mar 4 15:44:00 UTC 2011


Does OVS support queue configuration for the physical ports of a switch? I
have ovs-openflowd running in userspace on a Linux box (32-bit Ubuntu 10.10)
and I send it an Openflow message of type OFPT_QUEUE_GET_CONFIG_REQUEST from
the controller (NOX 0.9 Zaku). The OVS installation I am using is the latest
version, checked out from git a couple of days back.

Here is a code snippet, from my NOX code, showing how I send the request:

    Disposition datapath_join_handler(const Event& e)
        const Datapath_join_event& dpi = assert_cast<const
        lg.dbg("New datapath joined %s with %d ports\n",
dpi.datapath_id.string().c_str(), dpi.ports.size());

        std::vector<Port>::const_iterator iter;

        for(iter = dpi.ports.begin(); iter != dpi.ports.end(); iter++)

        struct ofp_queue_get_config_request ofqc;

        ofqc.header.version = OFP_VERSION;
        ofqc.header.type = OFPT_QUEUE_GET_CONFIG_REQUEST;
        ofqc.header.length = htons(sizeof (struct
        ofqc.port = htons(1);
        send_openflow_command(dpi.datapath_id, &ofqc.header, true);

        return CONTINUE;

I get the following output at the controller:

samehdi at ubuntu:~/Networks-Research/nox/build/src$ ./nox_core -i ptcp:6633
NOX 0.9.0(zaku)~full~beta (nox_core), compiled Feb 23 2011 18:49:20
Compiled with OpenFlow 0x01
3(eth2): 00:21:9b:79:db:08 speed: 1000 config: 0 state: 0 curr: 2a0
advertised: 2af supported: 2af peer: 0
2(eth1): 00:50:04:b1:f5:09 speed: 64 config: 0 state: 0 curr: 208
advertised: 28f supported: 28f peer: 0
fffe(br0): 12:d2:5b:7f:58:2d speed: a config: 0 state: 0 curr: 82
advertised: 0 supported: 0 peer: 0
1(eth0): 00:01:02:13:48:20 speed: a config: 0 state: 1 curr: 201 advertised:
28f supported: 28f peer: 0
00001|openflow-event|ERR:received Openflow error packet from
dpid=00232084d7d2: type=1, code=1, 12 bytes of data

The error type and code are for OFPET_BAD_REQUEST and OFP_BAD_TYPE, so I am
wondering whether OVS supports queue configuration.

Syed Akbar Mehdi,
School of EECS (SEECS),
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST),
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