[ovs-discuss] VMWare?

Jaime Nebrera jnebrera at eneotecnologia.com
Mon May 9 14:58:52 UTC 2011

   Hi all,

   I'm aware Open VSwitch doesnt currently support VMWare as stated in 
the FAQ:

"Open vSwitch can currently run on any Linux-based virtualization 
platform (kernel 2.6.18 and newer), including:  KVM, VirtualBox, Xen, 
Xen Cloud Platform, XenServer. The bulk of the code is written in 
platform-independent C and is easily ported to other environments.  We 
welcome inquires about integrating Open vSwitch with other 
virtualization platforms."

   My question is, is anybody working on this? Is it a planned feature? 
Any cost idea?

   I'm really impressed by OVS capabilities but sadly VMWare is the 
dominant player in virtualization world right now and seems quite hard 
to convince people to switch, specially since RHEL seems not very open 
about its virtualization platform product.

   Kind regards

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