[ovs-discuss] error message with connection to openflow controller

ahmad numan numan252 at gmail.com
Thu May 26 17:30:46 UTC 2011

I setup  OVS on a machine (loaded kernel module, setup ovs-vswitchd and
bridges etc.)and connect to an out-of-band NOX controller using
ovs-openflowd. Controller got connected and switch is working correct
(machines are pinging each other and netperf is also working correctly in
openflow network). But i got error message after connecting with controller
such as "attempt to reuse the buffer" in ovs-openflowd terminal . NOX
controller terminal is also showing error message "received openflow error
packets for dpid XXXXXXXXX type=1 code=7". Moreover when i tried to manage
the openflow traffic using "ovs-ofctl" i got error message "fail to delete
flow" in ovs-openflowd terminal.

What do these error messages indicate ? is there any error in configuration
or something else?
Ahmed Bilal
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