[ovs-discuss] permanently saving flow entry in switch table

ahmad numan numan252 at gmail.com
Sun May 29 17:52:23 UTC 2011

I want to ask a question that can i permanently save the rules configured
for openflow in ovs using ovs-ofctl so that i can use switch with same rules
again without manual configuration?
Problem is when i ran netperf on two machines connected through OVS
configured as OpenFlow switch, the switch disconnected form controller and
when netperf finished the switch reconnected automatically. This happens
every time when i run netperf. Once the switch is disconnected form
controller i have to manually enter flows to switch rules again to make them
effective. I don't know why does switch disconnect form controller whenever
nerperf is initialized? Secondly ove-ofctl updates dp0.mgmt for each entry.
Is there a way to save rules permanently so that the configured rules remain
effective after connecting with controller or even after rebooting the OVS

-Ahmed Bilal
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