[ovs-discuss] Question about OFPP_LOCAL/OFPP_CONTROLLER

Pino de Candia gdecandia at midokura.com
Wed Nov 2 09:34:56 UTC 2011


I was wondering if you could give me some guidance on how to investigate this issue further: some packets forwarded to OFPP_CONTROLLER are arriving with their in_port set to OFPP_LOCAL (not the actual in_port).

Here are some more details about how this happens:

I have pre-installed flows in Open vSwitch that have actions=output:3,controller:128 with the goal of forwarding the packet directly to a port AND send a copy to the controller. However, the controller receives these packets via ofp_packet_in messages that have in_port set to 0xfffe (OFPP_LOCAL). The original/real in_port is crucial to my controller's forwarding decision.

In other cases, the OFPP_CONTROLLER port is working correctly for us. We have some pre-installed flows whose job is to send more than 128 bytes of the matching packet to the controller. These have the single actions=controller:1024 and the ofp_packet_in message reports the correct/expected in_port.

Two more facts that might be relevant:
1) I do not use any NORMAL processing in my switch... my controller determines how all packets are forwarded.
2) I changed my datapath's hw_addr to be different from the first added interface (eth0) - I have assumed that this meant I didn't have a 'local' port.
3) The problem packets are arriving on eth0, one of the host's real interfaces.

thanks and kind regards,

Pino de Candia
Software Engineer, Midokura.com (http://Midokura.com) 

Pino de Candia
Software Engineer, Midokura.com

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