[ovs-discuss] OpenVswitch-1.0.0 is not running on XenServer 6.0.0

Ramana Reddy gtvrreddy at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 10:34:45 UTC 2011

Dear All,

If I compile openvswitch-1.0.0 on Xenserver 6.0.0 (Kernel
it gives lot of errors, where as if I run the same openvswitch on ordinary
linux machine ( ubuntu-10.04,
Kernel version-2.6.32-21-generic) its compiled successfully. How this is
happening. Actually, my old
ovs-1.0.0 has done some modifications, and want to run on Xenserver 6.0.0.

I know that OVS-1.1.1 and above needs latest kernel version ( it would not
compile on old xenserver 5.6 and below), and  is it the same case with old
OVS with new XenServers. But, its compiling on the same kernel version
(2.6.32) on ubuntu machines.

Help in this regards is highly appreciated.

Ramana Reddy.
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