[ovs-discuss] Enabling user defined preprocessing definitions during compilation of OVS 1.2.2

Ramana Reddy gtvrreddy at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 10:05:00 UTC 2011

Dear All,

I modified some code in OVS-1.2.2 both in user space and kernel
space with my own preprocessing directives some thing like:
#ifdef Ramana
/* my code is here */

Now I want to enable my code during the compilation of OVS-1.2.2.
This can be done by defining #define ramana in the header file and
adding this header file in the respective places can solve the problem.
But some how I do not like to add this header file in all the places.
How can we enable this preprocessor directive with out adding a header file.
Can we pass this one as a parameter to gcc like gcc -Dramana during
if yes, where I should modify in the configuration file or some other file.

Help in this regard is highly appreciated.

Ramana Reddy.
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