[ovs-discuss] OVS to OVS connection

Michael A. Collins mike.a.collins at ark-net.org
Thu Nov 17 22:15:26 UTC 2011

I have setup a star topology where I have a central server runing ovs 
that has 16 nics installed.  I have 6 servers connected through those 
nics also running ovs.  My first question, is this even possible?  I do 
not have any switches at all.  All servers are connected to the central 
server and have ports configured as SLB trunk bonds at both ends.  I 
have created internal interfaces on each server's bridge in the same 
vlan and can ping between the servers through the central server.  My 
problem is that I can't see ARP requests from one server go through the 
central server to get to the other server.  I can't even see arp 
requests hit the internal interface on the central server!  I can see 
requests from the central server go to each server and get responses 
back, but nothing coming from the other direction.  What could be the 
problem?  It seems like the central server isn't flooding the trunks so 
that the internal interfaces can see the requests.  Could something on 
the central server be blocking broadcasts?  Any help in pointing me in 
the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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