[ovs-discuss] Problems Connecting openvswitch to nox controller

Theophilus Benson tbenson at cs.wisc.edu
Sat Nov 19 21:06:36 UTC 2011

I am trying to connect an openvswitch to a nox controller, but I get a 
JSON related error. Below, I have included the openvswitch command, the 
error from ovs-vswitch as well as the error from the nox controller.

Here is the openvswitch command:

ovs-vswitchd  tcp:

I get the following error from ovs-vswitchd:

Nov 19 15:02:53|00007|reconnect|INFO|tcp: connecting...
Nov 19 15:02:53|00008|reconnect|INFO|tcp: connected
Nov 19 15:02:53|00009|jsonrpc|WARN|tcp: error parsing 
stream: line 0, column 1, byte 1: invalid character U+0001
Nov 19 15:02:53|00010|jsonrpc|WARN|tcp: received 
OpenFlow data on JSON-RPC channel
Nov 19 15:02:53|00011|reconnect|WARN|tcp: connection 
dropped (Protocol error)
Nov 19 15:02:53|00012|reconnect|INFO|tcp: waiting 2 
seconds before reconnect

When i look at the nox controller i get this error:

00045|nox|WARN:Error sending features request: Protocol error
00046|openflow|DBG:Passive tcp interface received connection
00047|openflow|WARN:stream: unexpected connection drop in middle of a 
00048|openflow|WARN:stream: receive error: Protocol error
00049|nox|WARN:Error sending features request: Protocol error

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