[ovs-discuss] intermitting ARP problems on DP interface

Andreas Schultz aschultz at tpip.net
Tue Oct 18 10:42:51 UTC 2011


We have encountered a strange behavior. After restarting the controller process and even after removing and reinserting the datapath module, ARP packets are forwarded from dp0 to the real port intermittently.
tcpdump confirms that the ARP request is seen on dp0, but not on the physical port (eth1).
At the same time the following sequence on log messages appear:

Oct 18 12:22:54|00344|netlink_socket|DBG|nl_sock_recv__ (Success): nl(len:24, type=30(ovs_packet), flags=0, seq=0, pid=0(0:0)),genl(cmd=1,version=1)
Oct 18 12:22:54|00345|dpif|DBG|system at dp0: miss upcall:
00:23:20:fc:70:43 > ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, ethertype ARP (0x0806), length 42: Request who-has tell, length 28
Oct 18 12:22:54|00346|ofproto_dpif|WARN|bridge dp0: received packet on unknown port 65534
Oct 18 12:22:54|00347|netlink_socket|DBG|nl_sock_transact_multiple__ (Success): nl(len:140, type=30(ovs_packet), flags=1[REQUEST], seq=4e9d5835, pid=75500397(2925:18)),genl(cmd=3,version=1)
Oct 18 12:22:54|00348|netlink_socket|DBG|nl_sock_transact_multiple__ (Success): nl(len:92, type=29(ovs_flow), flags=5[REQUEST][ACK], seq=4e9d5836, pid=75500397(2925:18)),genl(cmd=1,version=1)
Oct 18 12:22:54|00349|netlink_socket|DBG|nl_sock_recv__ (Success): nl(len:36, type=2(error), flags=0, seq=4e9d5836, pid=75500397(2925:18)) error(0, in-reply-to(nl(len:92, type=29(ovs_flow), flags=5[REQUEST][ACK], seq=4e9d5836, pid=75500397(2925:18))))

There clearly is something strange going on. How can the dp receive something on an unknown port?

Any hints?

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