[ovs-discuss] Sending UDP traffic in openflow network

Shan Hu shan.hu at utdallas.edu
Thu Oct 27 03:22:18 UTC 2011

Hi guys,

Im trying to test the QoS Rate-Limiting of Kernel vSwitch, i use iperf as my measurement tool.
Everything is working fine with TCP part,that is, after i limit rate of one port to, say 50Mbps,
the rate is limited to 50Mbps correctly and packets are tranferred 100%. 
But when i turn to UDP part,i ran into problems.I have to limit bandwidth to at most 4Mbps in order to tranfer
100% packets.And if i use bandwidth more than 4Mbps, the lost packets increase, the worst packet lost percentage is almost 99%.

Firstly i thought it is iperf's problem, so i tried to run iperf in normal network,i set bandwidth to 50Mbps,
and things work fine.
So can anyone give me some ideas where the problem might be?


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