[ovs-discuss] ofp_action_enqueue w/ OFPP_LOCAL

Vjekoslav Brajkovic balkan at cs.washington.edu
Mon Sep 12 00:53:11 UTC 2011


I was wondering if someone could help me with a specific issue that I 
have ran into.  I'm running a virtual switch with two interfaces:

system at sw:
  lookups: frags:0, hit:296581, missed:355, lost:12
  flows: 0
  port 0: sw (internal)
  port 1: tap0

All I'm doing here is forwarding traffic between those two interfaces.  
Things are working perfectly fine if I set the action to 
ofp_action_output.  However, same does not hold true when flows are 
enqueued on the internal interfaces.  The NOX controller returns the 
following error:

penflow-event|ERR:received Openflow error packet from dpid=001517df7bc9: type=2, code=4, 64 bytes of data

... which indicates that the output port is incorrect.

Are there any specific reasons as to why it is not possible to enqueue 
flows on the internal interfaces?  I'm running a slight modification 
of NOX's switch module.  Here is the relevant part:

      ofp_action_enqueue& action = *((ofp_action_enqueue*) ofm->actions);
      memset(&action, 0, sizeof(ofp_action_enqueue));
      action.type = htons(OFPAT_ENQUEUE);
      action.len = htons(sizeof(ofp_action_enqueue));
      action.port = htons(out_port);
      action.queue_id = htonl(queue_id);


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