[ovs-discuss] Some basic questions about ovs

danderson415 danderson415 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 18:36:38 UTC 2011


The version I am using is openvswitch 1.1.0pre2. I have a couple of basic

1. ovs-vswitchd is the ovs daemon, ovs-openflowd is a simplified ovs daemon
without special features provided by ovs-vswitchd. Do both of them have
built-in L2 switching function? The reason I asked this question is two VMs
connected to ovs can ping each other without connecting ovs to a controller.

2. After I connected ovs to nox without any module running, VMs can not ping
each other. If I run nox with pyswitch module, VMs can ping each other
again. I dump flows using ovs-ofctl, stop nox, manually add flows using
ovs-ofctl to ovs, ping does not work. Why is that? Does nox do anything
besides installing flows?

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