[ovs-discuss] Bug in ovs-openflowd

Varun Moruse varunmoruse at rediffmail.com
Thu Dec 6 08:26:29 UTC 2012

i have installed Openvswitch-1.4.3 on my pc 
i am following the Labsetup tutorial for multiple PCs
 at url:http://yuba.stanford.edu/foswiki/bin/view/OpenFlow/Deployment/HOWTO/LabSetup

in that the step 3.1.2 has substep 4 which is:
/utilities/ovs-openflowd dp0 --datapath-id=0000004E46324304 tcp: port 6633 --out-of-band

but i am getting error, ovs-openflowd  is not directory or file
Is it renamed or should i use another command
please let me know
thank u very much in advance

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