[ovs-discuss] Controller reference as name

Wanderson Paim wanderson.paim at inf.ufrgs.br
Fri Dec 7 17:06:52 UTC 2012


I'm trying a loadbalancer implementation with DNS and I need to set the
controller of the vswitch as a domain name instead of its IP address.

ovs-vsctl set-controller br0 tcp:controllerx:6633

Such "controllerx" has the appropriate IP reference of the controller at
the DNS Server. I also tried setting it at /etc/hosts. I always got the
same error shown at "ovs-vsctl list controller":
status     :   last_error="Address family not supported by protocol"

Is there any way to use controller name instead of IP address in the
"ovs-vsctl set-controller" command? If not is there an alternative?


Jesus, Wanderson
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