[ovs-discuss] OVS Multiple GRE tunnels

Ahmed Talha Khan auny87 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 06:49:35 UTC 2012


I have a few questions regarding the support of GRE tunnels in OVS.

1. I create a tunnel endpoint on an ovs-port with the gre options as
defined in the manpages. Now i want to send mod-flow msgs from the
controller which contain only the output action on that port. Will ovs
append the transport tunnel header on it by itself even when i hve not
specified the set-tunnel action?.

2. Is the tunneling support in question one, extensible in anyway? What if
i want to add some extra headers or modify the tunnel headers?

3. A tunnel endpoint is logically bounded to a physical interface which
means that ovs will make that port a TEP as viewed by the hypervisor. Can i
make multiple tunnels from the same TEP destined to multiple destination
TEPs? Effectively meaning can i have multiple tunnels originating from the
same port that i made in part 1?

4. What is the best possible way to create such tunnel between OVS and VMs.
This is different from part 3 above as VMs will not have physical NICs. It
more of a logical tunnel then actual tunnel between 2 physical hosts


-Ahmed Talha Khan
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