[ovs-discuss] Test OVS kernel module using only one machine

Ahmed Talha Khan auny87 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 13:58:13 UTC 2012

Hey Ben,Jesse,Kyle,ALL,

I made some changes in the kernel module and would like to test them.
Ideally I would want to test it on a single machine that i am on without
firing up other vms(eg kvm/qemu integration). I would like to know what is
the preferred method used by the community for this.

I thought of using a combination of tcpreplay and TAP devices to achieve
this. I only want send traffic into ovs-port 1, receive it in the kernel
mod, and send it out to  ovs-port 2 after doing my processing.  Since I was
trying to use tcpreplay,which is an out-bound utility(sends traffic out of
the stack), I need to make some interface on which i replay this traffic. I
made a TAP interface for this, since that can be used to inject packets
into the network stack. The problem is that when i replay the traffic on
this TAP device it is not received inside OVS obviously because the TAP
device only sends up the traffic to kernel but ovs will not receive it
since it  is not coming form any OVS port.

Then there is a way to make 2 TAP devices, bridge them, play traffic on one
of them and add the 2nd one to ovs. But that is not possible since OVS and
linux bridge module cannot co-exist.

So the questions is how to input traffic into ports, in a non-programmatic
way, without external vms.

Also, are there any tests in the /test directory to test the datapath
functionality independent of the userland ovs code?

-Ahmed Talha Khan
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