[ovs-discuss] Implement queues with hierarchy using HTB

Mathumitha S cerisierfilix at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 21 09:21:24 UTC 2012

                         I am trying to implement queues with different levels of hierarchy in OVS. I used the ovs-vsctl command to implement 2 queues q0 and q1(used the commands that were mentioned in the configuration cookbook). Can I create child queues for the queue q1? Is it possible? If yes, how to do it? 

     Also, I am unable to destroy the queues that I create. I used the command   'ovs-vsctl destroy queue 9ff1bfda-3f00-44b9-8e0f-0d3fc1261c08' where 9ff1bfda-3f00-44b9-8e0f-0d3fc1261c08 is the UUID of the queue.
I get the following error:

     ovs-vsctl: transaction error: {"details":"cannot delete Queue row 9ff1bfda-3f00-44b9-8e0f-0d3fc1261c08 because of 1 remaining reference(s)","error":"referential integrity violation"}

I have used the 'ovs−vsctl −− destroy QoS eth0 −− clear Port eth0 qos' command before trying to destroy the queues. But still I get the above error. Can somebody please tell me how to destroy the queues that I have created?

Thank you

- Mathumitha

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