[ovs-discuss] Test OVS kernel module using only one machine

Ahmed Talha Khan auny87 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 05:48:48 UTC 2012

> Hi,

> You could also try using virtual eth pairs, like this:
> ip link add type veth
> That will give you veth0 and veth1 which are tied together. Connect > one of them to your OVS bridge. Then give the other veth an IP
> address, and pump traffic into that, OVS should receive it
> via its pair.

Hey Markus, I tried this but did not receive any traffic on OVS.

ip link add type veth
ifconfig veth1 up(veth0 added to OVS)

and then i played traffic on veth1
tcpreplay -i veth1 arp.pcap

Traffic doesnot reach the other end. The traffic cannot even be seen
on veth1 this way(tcpdump/wireshark)

> Best regards,
> Markus

On Tue Dec 18 11:28:20 PST 2012, Ahmed Talha Khan auny87 at gmail.com wrote:
> Good. I will give it a try next morning and give the results here. Thanks
> for the guidelines though.  I am also curious how does the entire dev team
> does its testing, because you said you adopted this approach. Is this
> approach common to all or there are other methods. What about the method
> that I proposed in my initial email?

-Ahmed Talha Khan

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