[ovs-discuss] xenServer and openVswitch 1.0.99

Jesse Gross jesse at nicira.com
Fri Feb 3 02:35:48 UTC 2012

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 6:07 PM, Juan Tellez <juan at embrane.com> wrote:
> Jesse,
> Dmesg hasn't changed for a while .. and sadly it is not time-stamped.  Below is the tail:
> ..
> device vif467.1 entered promiscuous mode
> device tap467.0 entered promiscuous mode
> device tap467.1 entered promiscuous mode
> /local/domain/465/device/vif/0: Connected
> /local/domain/465/device/vif/1: Connected
> /local/domain/466/device/vif/0: Connected
> /local/domain/466/device/vif/1: Connected
> /local/domain/467/device/vif/0: Connected
> /local/domain/467/device/vif/1: Connected
> vif458.2: draining TX queue
> vif456.2: draining TX queue
> vif457.2: draining TX queue
> vif459.2: draining TX queue
>> What are the outputs of dmesg and ovs-dpctl show?

What's the traffic mixture like when you have this problem with vlans
(i.e. single flow vs. many connections)?  If you run a single stream,
what is the ratio of hits to misses on the relevant datapath?

Is there anything interesting in the ovs-vswitchd log?

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